December 2023 Communications Exercise

December 12, 2023

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


The Metro Health & Medical Preparedness coalition will conduct a brief exercise to test the Regional Healthcare Resource Center’s (RHRC) Communications plan.  We will exercise and evaluate primary and secondary systems utilized to establish contact with and communicate information to all coalition members.   

All coalition members are encouraged to participate in this exercise to proactively refresh on, and practice with, existing communication tools that would be used by the RHRC to communicate in an urgent or emergent situation.   The exercise time is from 10:00 – 12:00, we invite you to participate when able during those hours. 

 Coalition members are also encouraged to use this brief exercise time to exercise internal communication plans and systems.


  • Contact and communication with coalition members using the following communication tools:
    • MNTrac
    • Email for anyone not on MNTrac
    • Conference Call
  • The Coalition will test 800 MHz radios using EMH2.
  • RHRC and Senior Advisory Team members will test Microsoft Teams communications via a brief Teams meeting during the exercise. Invitation to be sent.
  • Conduct a hotwash (debrief) to identify strengths and improvement opportunities within existing communications systems.

Please contact Ken Combs with any questions.

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