Metro Hospital Compact

The Coalition has roots in an informal arrangement with Twin Cities’ Hospitals that began in 1990’s when flu epidemics and other large-scale disasters showed the need for competitors to respond in collaboration to public health emergencies and disasters.

After the 9/11 and anthrax attacks, in 2002, the Federal Government established funding for medical surge capability and capacity during disasters, led by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HSS) through the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. (HRSA initially and later established ASPR).

That same year, the Metropolitan Area Hospital Compact (MHC) was formed, comprising twenty-two hospitals located across the Twin Cities metropolitan area, with a commitment to engage in a cooperative and coordinated response plan in the event of a disaster. All thirty hospitals are now active members of the MHC.

The Compact is an indicator of Minnesota’s leadership in responding to the need for coordination in the health care system. In the past decade, extensive planning and implementation has led to an alignment with MHC members, Clinics and Long Term Care Facilities, as well as public health and emergency response agencies, all of which now make up the Metro Health & Medical Preparedness Coalition.

Metropolitan Area Hospital Compact Members:

Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Children’s MN Healthcare Minneapolis
Children’s MN Healthcare St. Paul
M Health Fairview Ridges
M Health Fairview Southdale
M Health UMMC – West Campus
M Health UMMC – East Campus
Gillette Children’s
Hennepin County Medical Center
Lakeview Stillwater
Maple Grove Hospital
Mercy Hospital
Methodist Hospital
North Memorial Medical Center

Northfield Hospital + Clinics
Prairie Care Specialty Hospital
Mayo Clinic Heath Systems New Prague
Regency Hospital
United Hospital – Regina Campus
Regions Hospital
Ridgeview Waconia
M Health Fairview St. John’s
M Health Fairview St. Joe’s
St. Francis Shakopee
United Hospital
Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus
M Health Fairview Woodwinds
Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center