Long Term Care

Long Term Care facilities (LTC) are vital and primary members of the Coalition.

The Twin Cities metro region has approximately 120 skilled nursing facilities and over 1300 assisted living facilities that families rely on to care for their loved ones and ensure their safety, even during an emergency or disaster. Seniors and recuperating patients are at a higher risk for adverse outcomes during an emergency and therefore it is imperative for LTC to have robust emergency plans in place.

The Metro Coalition supports LTC emergency planning by offering CMS-compliant trainings, conferences, and emergency drills.

The Coalition also connects LTC facilities to a robust communication network and provides members with templates, resources, and education on how to develop and implement emergency operations plans so that LTC facilities can provide continuity of care to the people they serve during a disaster or emergency.

To be an aware and actively involved member of the Metro Health and Medical Preparedness Coalition:

  • Attend meetings put on by the Metro Region LTC Emergency Preparedness Work Group.
  • Participate in CMS-compliant drills, exercises, and trainings offered by the Coalition
  • Maintain an up-to-date emergency operation plan for Planning, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery.
  • Work with the Coalition to coordinate bed capacity reporting MNTrac system.
  • Register with your local public health agency to receive Health Alert Network (HAN) updates and rapid alerts.