Hospice and Home Care

Hospices and Home Care agencies are vital and primary members of the Metro Health & Medical Preparedness Coalition.

The Twin Cities Metro area has over 100 hospice and home care agencies all of which provide essential and vital care to their patients wherever those patients may call home.  Those patients are reliant on the continuity of care provided by these agencies who, together with the coalition, work to prepare and plan for this vital continuity of care.  For this reason it is essential that hospice and home care agencies are part of a network that collaborates in assuring this vital continuity of care.

The Coalition helps to preserve this continuity of care by providing a forum for information sharing and innovation in assuring emergency preparedness learning, materials and resources are addressed in a fashion that serves the unique needs of these agencies.  The Coalition connects hospices and home care agencies to a robust communication network which includes MNTrac and other modalities of communication during an event.  The Coalition also provides an opportunity for hospice and home care agencies to meet, share best practices and network to improve their planning and mitigate risks for their patients.  This information sharing includes resources for sharing emergency planning strategies, templates, educational opportunities and community exercises.

To be an aware and actively involved member of the Hospice and Home Care Workgroup in the Metro Health and Medical Preparedness Coalition:

  • Become registered and involved in the MNTrac system
  • Attend meetings put on by the Metro Region Hospice and Home Care Emergency Preparedness Workgroup.
  • Register with your local public health agency to receive Health Alert Network (HAN) updates and rapid alerts.
  • Maintain an up-to-date emergency operations plan for Planning, Mitigation, Response and Recovery.